We’re so excited to release a new edition of Kith 01: Sincerely Yours, with a revised design that matches the rest of our Kith series.

Filled with letters that converse, confront, and console, this issue (our very first publication!) explores not only what we say to each other, but also how we say it.

This issue features exciting new work from Chloe MacPhee, Vanessa McCombs, Hayley Anderton, Michael Prihoda, Carly Gladstone, Victoria Erdel, Dawn Locke, Luana D’Angelo, Vanessa Reiser, Sammi Cox, Ana Prundaru, Florine Demailly, Punk-A-Cat, Ashley Nicole, Vianca Maldonado, Pip Freeman, and Agatha Scaggiante.

The digital edition, featuring a photograph by Giulia Bertilli, will always be free to read.

Special thanks for this issue go to Mark and Fran Allen, everyone who submitted to our first publication, and everyone who supports Sword & Kettle Press.

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