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About Us

When creative director Kayla Allen started a DIY press out of her college dorm kitchen, she wanted to publish a magazine that explored different forms of what a professor once called “Capital-L Literature.” But after putting out two issues of that magazine, she realized that she just wanted to dive headfirst into her favorite genre: lowercase-f fantasy. And, in the tradition of her favorite fantasy writers, she wanted the press to be inclusive and feminist.

And so: Sword & Kettle Press is a DIY press that publishes inclusive feminist fantasy and speculative fiction & provides an encouraging space for emerging writers.

Submit Your Work

Submissions are open for Corvid Queen, a new journal of feminist fairy tales. We’re looking for original fairy tales and retellings of fairy tales, and we offer a token payment of $5. To learn more, browse through our stories and read our submission guidelines. We would love to read your work!

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