Hey there!

Welcome to Sword & Kettle Press.

We publish inclusive, imaginative fantasy. We like well-developed worlds and well-planned adventures. We like ordinary characters in outrageous situations and outrageous characters in ordinary situations.

We’re looking for stories that remind us of the first fantasy books we read–the ones that captured us with their magic and never let us go.



Kith Issue 04: Modern Bestiary (Digital)
Although we love exploring new fantasy worlds, this issue speaks to weirdness in our own world. It features four new stories by Alex Vigue, Elizabeth Lovatt, Tristan Madison, and Dave Riley.

Kith Issue 03: Second Breakfast (PrintDigital)
This issue is both a second start for our magazine and an homage to our favorite fantasy foods. It features six new stories by Heidi Donlan, Zoe Miller, J W Bendall, Mitch Collins, Sierra Goldberg, and Alex McCarron.


Garden State Gothic (Digital)
A collection of horror stories from the Dirty Jerz written by New Jersey natives Kayla Allen & Lauren Smith.

308 Words (Digital)
A collection of flash fiction pieces that are exactly 308 words long.


Want to be featured in our next publication? Check back soon to see our next theme.

General Guidelines

We prefer stories to be between 500-2500 words, although we will read shorter or longer works.

We don’t accept reprints from other publications. We do accept reprints from personal websites or blogs as long as you take the piece down once we accept it. We also accept simultaneous submissions — just let us know if your piece is selected by another publication.

We love fanfiction, but we can’t publish it. We can, however, publish stories based on folklore or legend. (We know Arthurian retellings are somewhat out of style, but we still love them.)

We’re not fans of excessive violence or explicit sex. We will not accept anything that promotes racism, sexism, transphobia, or other oppressive and harmful viewpoints, or anything that uses sexual violence for shock value.


We offer a token payment of $5 for each accepted work. Transactions will go through Venmo or PayPal.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Kayla Allen, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Kayla recently earned her MA in English from Northeastern University, where she specialized in fantasy, children’s and young adult fiction, and pop culture. After having a Hogwarts-related identity crisis, she has accepted that she is a Gryffindor.

Zahan Mehta, Contributing Editor
Zahan is an actor and born-again bookworm with a BA in theatre from Northeastern University. He’s a fan of Manchester United, prog rock, Star Wars, and blue whales, and he is a Hufflepuff (and a particularly good finder).



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